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Monday, 8 November 2010

Everything is Unstable-at the moment

I just don't know and couldn't decide whether to be loving or be firm about having him in my life.
I tried my best as I can to be reasonable and trying to convince someone without bringing up the subject of commitment.
Marrying me was the smartest move, i guess hehehe by showing all the qualities to be a good soulmate, my sense of humor, the enjoyment fulfilling 'each' other pleasure of interest and such..sigh! nothing help..nothing...
And that’s when I realized… I’d been making some serious mistakes. Mistakes most women made, and I needed to do something about it. Fast.
According to
Rori Raye

Sometimes, being in a nice, comfortable HOLDING PATTERN with us while he focuses on OTHER THINGS is EXACTLY what he has in mind!


  1. jadi anda sudah tahu di mana kedudukan anda sebenarnya?

  2. ya...walaupun sedih tp hanya doa mampu mengubah takdir :(